3 Key Branding Actions You Need to Take to Succeed in 2019

Created January 08, 2019 The Value of Design in Business

A new year always brings new opportunities but in the same vein, it will also have its unique challenges, we’ve identified common branding challenges to anticipate in 2019 and how you can overcome them to engage your customers in 2019.


1. Maintaining brand relevance

It doesn’t matter what you’re making or that it is great quality, customers simply no longer want to buy what you are making. The ubiquity of products and services leave customers spoiled for choice, and brands aggressively seeking customer engagement.

How to achieve brand relevance

Having a brand that is exciting and relevant should be one of your top goals this year. You can do this by:

i. Listening to your customers

Don’t think you know best what your customers want. Don’t think for them. Try adopting the practice of thinking with them to find solutions to the real problems, not just the problems you think you’ve been responding to.

You can do this by simply asking them questions, or hiring professionals to do in-depth research, to find out what issues they’re experiencing. This helps you discover problems they’re facing. The knowledge you’ll get will be important for improving your brand’s positioning to capture and showcase the real value you’re providing. Which leads to my second point.

ii. Seeking opportunities to Innovate

Create an opportunity for existing customers and potential customers to re-discover your brand through innovation. This can be done by merging information your customers give you with new opportunities and trends your team discovers within and around your industry worldwide.


2. Optimizing for better performance and growth.

How are you do you expect to know certain strategies are working if you’re not measuring them? Secondly, how are you supposed to improve those strategies (and your decisions) if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not?

It is often said, ‘What is measured, gets accomplished’. Truly, measuring your activities and studying key metrics regularly, helps you dig into the data you discover to find insights and opportunities to grow.

How to develop and maintain a habit of optimizing for better performance.

i. Make it a consistent and actionable task

Work with your team to determine appropriate KPIs for each area of your brand.

Then, create a plan for gathering these metrics, analyzing them and responding to them. This not only holds your team responsible for business success, but it also motivates them to regularly optimize and keep getting better.


3.  Using brand strategy as an ammunition

Brand strategy is very critical, why? Before a company can delight their customers, determining their needs, as well as your brand’s unique ways to meet those needs (across multiple channels),  has to come first.

Most brands often fail at their brand strategy because they are inconsistent with their creatives, lack of long-term vision, not understanding their ideal customer and product-to-market fit that is outdated or never hit the mark.*


How to use the brand strategy as a growth tool

i. Developing a brand experience that stems from a strong strategy

Customer behaviour has changed significantly in recent times and is important for every brand to understand both their customers and their touchpoints in an in-depth manner. This ensures your brand is consistent and better aligned to meet your target audience’s needs in all touchpoints ranging from social media to product or service experience and beyond.

ii. Conduct and prepare a competitive analysis

Competitive analysis pushes you to find ways to stand out and become a leading authority in your industry.

It helps you identify your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a starting point for developing effective strategies, especially in the area of positioning and differentiation.

The key to every successful brand strategy is EXECUTION, there is no better time than to act now.

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