Common Problems Brand Managers Face (and How a Design Agency Can Help Fix Them)

Created September 20, 2018 The Business Value of Design

All brand managers face a common problem, is either you are cutting down costs or increasing profits.

As more new products and services enter the market, customer tastes and loyalty changes. These days, as a brand manager you have a tough task of trying to keep up with recent changes in the marketplace, as well as trying to come up with innovative solutions to increase customer numbers.

All that coupled with the fear of losing your loyal customers to competitors.

It might be time that you seek help from a design agency to help you assess the different aspects of your brand. This will help:

  • enable greater competitiveness in the market 
  • align all your brand touchpoints (e.g. products, website, messaging), so they are all consistent, and
  • come up with innovative new solutions and product and service offerings

A design agency can help clear a lot of barriers that brand manager faces, but we’ve found that the majority of the problems can be boiled down to 2 major points.


1. Finding Customer insights & Devising Solutions For Them

Customer-centricity is key, however, to discover rich customer insights to help provide innovative solutions starts with understanding what a customer needs. Consumers share their opinions in so many different ways and so a prior understanding of customers, even before engaging them in research is needed. This will help determine what avenues to use to unearth their needs.  

How Can a Design Agency (offering design strategy) help with this?

•    By using varied but targeted methods for understanding your existing customers.

•    And then Interpreting and translating information gotten into valuable insights.

•    These insights are now used to share new product/service ideas or marketing initiatives that will resonate with your ideal (and possibly new) target audience.


2. Coming Up With New Ideas 

In today’s saturated market, every brand struggles with keeping their products/services relevant and exciting as they search for qualities that differentiate their brands from competitors, this is where innovation is key.

The goal of innovation is to meet the customers’ needs in unexpected ways that surprise and delight them. To achieve this brands must deliver exactly that and not just something ‘new’.

How Can a Design Agency (offering design strategy) help with this?

  By assisting brand/marketing managers to come up with new ideas that are: 

  •  backed by rich customer insights, 
  •  influenced by global trends and innovations and, 
  • ones that ultimately enrich customers’ experience with your brand.


Does Your Company Face Any of These Issues?

Are you faced with a similar challenge of seeking innovative ways to meet customers?
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